Fareed Mahdi

Web Designer, SEO Expert, PPC Manager, CRO Person?, Funnel Hacker


Jan 2018 - Present

Massive Appeal

Specializing in website design, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising on Google & Facebook. Offering free SEO audit reports to all. 

2013 - 2017

Legal Find

A lawyer and law firm directory for all the top cities in Canada. Offer lawyers free listings then offer premium services inside sales funnel. 

2010 - 2013


I have been to 3 different collages and universities and graduated from none. I’m more proud of my Google AdWords and Google Analytics certifications tbh. 

About Me

I started an email list. I’m going to send out stuff that’s trending, good deals, tools for your business or website and more.

I’ll respect your inbox and promise not to message any nonsense, just the good stuff! 

Excited About:


Baby Girl, Pokemon Go

2010 - 2015

COD MW2, Cell Phones, Teslas, Got Married


Web Design 95%
WordPress 95%
SEO 95%
Google AdWords 90%
Conversion Optimization 90%


  • massiveappeal.com
  • fareed.mahdi@gmail.com
  • (416) 871 9396

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