How to improve your website’s SEO

How to improve your website’s SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of getting your website to rank on the first page of search results. In this post I will outline the basics of improving your website’s SEO.

If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend you download a plugin called Yoast SEO. On each page of your website, you can tell the plugin which keyword you are targeting. Just follow the simple recommendations it gives you:



Get a Webmaster Tools Account

Create a Google Webmaster Tools account. By creating an account and adding your website, Google will notify you if there are any issues with your website. It’s free, sign up here.

Run a Website Speed Test

Loading speed is now a factor for SEO. I use this site to run website speed tests, once it’s done, it will show you how long each element on your website takes to load. In most cases, images are way bigger than they should be. You can optimize your picture sizes without losing quality and this will help increase your page load times.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Ready

Having a mobile ready or ‘responsive’ website is really important for SEO and overall user experience. More and more people are searching from their mobile devices so you need to make sure your website loads properly on all devices and platforms. Google offers a mobile friendly test you can check out here:

SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Get your website a SSL certificate they’re relatively cheap and easy to install. Even if your not collecting sensitive info like credit cards, you should still consider getting a SSL certificate. It makes your website look more legit and is also a factor for SEO. Read more about it here: Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites

Get a Free SEO Audit report

Use this link for a free SEO Audit Report. This will outline all the issues with your website and what you need to do to fix them.

Have questions regarding your SEO campaign or website? Contact me for a free assessment at

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