Top Local Business Directories in Canada 2017

Top Local Business Directories in Canada 2017

Here are the top business directories you need to add your website to for local search engine optimization. These links are also referred to as citations. Citations are business directories that you can add your business listing to get a boost in search engine optimization and local search optimization.

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What is local search optimization?

Local search optimization is the process of getting your business on the top of local search results on google. When you google certain keywords you get 3 business listings that show up on the top of search results (used to be 7). The first thing you need in order to rank on these search results is a google my business account. When adding all your business details make sure everything is correct. When adding your business to other directories, all the information needs to be consistent with what you added to your google my business account.

Here is my list of the best business directories for Canada

  1. Google My Business
  2. Better Business Bureau (paid)
  3. Bing Places
  4. Apple Maps
  5. Facebook
  6. Industry Canada
  7. Yellow Pages
  8. Yelp
  10. Foursquare
  15. Profile Canada

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