Web Design Toronto

Web Design Toronto

Web design Toronto services. In this post I outline how to make your own professional website for less than $100 bucks. Its pretty easy if you follow these simple steps. This tutorial is great for making your own basic website but if you’re looking for something more advanced or thinking of running a SEO or PPC campaign, contact me for more info.

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web design toronto

Step 1: Register a Domain – $10 /year

In order to get a website up and running, you will need a domain name. I usually use GoDaddy for domains, but feel free to use whatever registrar you want. Here is a simple video I made on how to register a domain.

Step 2: Get Website Hosting – $20 /year

You need a website hosting server to store your website files. For a simple website I would recommend Godaddy, but if you are looking for something more advanced, I recommend WP Engine. Here is a video I made going through the process of setting up website hosting using GoDaddy.

Step 3: Get A Theme – $60 one time fee

You need a website theme which is easy to customize and preferably has pre made templates and layouts. Check out themeforest.net for themes and sort them by ‘bestsellers’. Check out this quick video I made on how to install a WordPress theme from themeforest.net:

Also see how to setup your theme:


Domain registration: Goddady

Buying a Theme: Theme forest

Cheap Hosting: Bluehost, Godaddy

Analytics & Tracking: Google Analytics


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